Monyhony Relationship Enabler

MHE Features

All our sessions are done discreetly and are kept highly confidential except stated otherwise.

MHE Youniqueness

What makes Monyhony Listening Enablers unique?
Firstly – “Your business, stays as your business”

No matter what you bring to the relationship enabling session, it stays between you and the Enabler and after your session is over and you have achieved your desired results; your situation is erased from the Enabler’s mind and a new client becomes the focus. This however, does not undermine our empathetic approach to your issues but it secures your privacy and this is what we have stood by for years and are proud of

Secondly – “We enable self-solving

Our online relationship enabling sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face enabling sessions. Each session enables client dissect and operate a surgery on their issues first, to see where they have gone off track before giving the client the baton to run through the issue(s) in their life and/or relationship and self-solve their issues without being pressured.

Thirdly – “We say it as it is”

Monyhony Relationship Enablers dispels any myths, ideas or mind blocks that might be getting in the way of the client’s self/relationship happiness. We help the client spot any acts of self-sabotage that might wreck or have wrecked possible happiness and then enable the client strategize ways to combat them and secure a life of fulfilling happiness.

Fourthly – “We Paire as mama does”

We bring back the pairing techniques our mothers used in finding wives and husbands for their children. The difference between then and now, is we added technology to give it that kick and help blend your traditional and culture to this new age.