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The Journey so far?
  • Journey as a Certified Matchmaker (Online Loves)

  • Journey Enabling

  • Journey as a Matured Single 

  • Journey as a Relationship Enabler 

  • Journey as a Parent in Waiting 

  • Journey as a Homemaker and Business Woman 

  • Journey as a Certified Relationship Enabler 

Journey as a Certified Matchmaker (Online Loves)

I started out as the everyday “go-to” girl for relationship advice from my secondary school days since 1997 when yahoo chat room just kicked off in Nigeria. I took this passion of mine to another level and started online matchmaking.

Oh! How we young ladies would assemble ourselves after work at any cybercafé in Lagos that could accommodate our large number and I would teach them how to chat and attract potential matches. Interestingly, I was getting responses from guys around the world and everyone was stunned at how I get the guys to come to Nigeria to meet their online dates. 

I perfected my writing skills for the online purpose and I used the technique to construct individual profiles according to each ladies’ personality and preference. I became the online dating wingman that got a lot of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances married and still married to their online loves. 

Journey Enabling

A former colleague of mine was secretly in love with a lady who regularly came to our office. Without speaking out, we all knew he liked her. He could not summon the courage to approach her for fear of rejection.

The suspense was too much for him and so in my usual Monyhony style, I stepped up and took over the situation. I did my groundwork checks on the said lady, collated my findings and taught him techniques peculiar to the lady from the kind of messages, jokes and smileys (now called emoji) to send, to sending her lunch on particular days, etc. Today they are married with 2 lovely children. These types of testimonials put smiles on my face. 

Journey as a Matured Single 

This will get you staring at my bio in utter surprise. I was good at getting people hooked and/or married but could not find love easily. This was disturbing at that time but I used my singlehood to review my relationship pattern, studied my preference, analyzed my choices by differentiating my wants from my needs without jeopardizing my ideals and used all these to attract the man who could handle my kind of personality - (A tomboy, life of a party, a raw speaking babe, not keen on hair, makeup and dresses). This birthed my mantra “Not the Packaging but the Content”.

Journey as a Relationship Enabler 

My husband and I both come from two different backgrounds, status, lifestyles, religious beliefs and mindsets. I learnt to make a pleasant delicacy with our differences to enjoy the marital journey which started 3 months after we met. These differences resulted in my enabling of relationships to become compatible.

Journey as a Parent in Waiting 

This sounds cliché, but it is not. This is an experience that ladies pray not to find themselves in and it was yet another tough hurdle to overcome. The waiting took a toll on us from quarrels, to agreeing to disagree. We had our ups and downs but never for once neglected each other’s pain and challenges while we waited. 

Journey as a Homemaker and Business Woman 

Juggling pregnancy in late 30s, slowing down on running my business, to giving birth without assistance at home after delivery, to closing my business to raise a child, to getting back myself, restarting my business and getting pregnant again, to shutting down my business again to handle a toddler, a new baby and home chores without any assistance; a story of the life of a Wife, Mother and Business Woman. 

Journey as a Certified Relationship Enabler 

From finding myself, to adjusting to married life, to going from being called barren to a mother, from being comfortable to losing jobs and living broke and homeless, from being confident to being harassed and hassled by in-laws and losing confidence and self-esteem and revamping myself and boosting back my confidence and self-esteem.

I have been there and done that and now I am here to help you live the happy life you were created to live, no matter what you are going through.

I became certified to shut up critics who wanted to know if I had the permission to do what I love doing. During my training classes, I noticed that it wasn’t the same matchmaking and/or dating techniques I was used to, I tried using the techniques and I was failing.

The failures caused me to pause, rethink and restructure and then create my own dating technique not forfeiting the teachings I got but added a twist to making it unique to my Nigerian clients which I now call Enabling. So welcome to the MONYHONY ENABLING WORLD.

I love what I do and would never trade my life experiences for anything because it has given me the confidence, tenacity, permission and zeal to assist and enable folks who are sitting where I had sat and still sitting. 

(Lead Enabler).