Monyhony Relationship Enabler
Angela Onelum-Amadasun (Refined-One)

Angela is a Mom of 3 Nations (her children she calls “My trinity”).

She strongly believes that there is no greater or more important job than being a good parent or “Mother” in her case, which in itself is not an easy task. She always emphasizes the awesome responsibility and privilege to mold the next generation and builders of Nations.

Angela has a creative side to her. She is a visual art curator, a modern day Psalmist, some may call Poet.

She is all about creating beauty out of this muse we call life.

Her faith remains the source of her strength, having gone through all that life threw at her, from raising her children as a single parent, which has taught her that no single parent can do it alone; you need the support of a 'good village', a network of sound minded people… or person (it’s not the size of your village that matters, but the quality) to having to be herself and stay real despite it all. In learning about who she is and how to love herself, she discovered that she is a hopeful romantic, which she has come to appreciate in her journey and not let my past define her, but propel her instead.

She is passionate about supporting people, especially ones that feel out of place or ones that believe that they don’t quite fit in ... I say “fit out”! In your own place as you grow to embrace your individual uniqueness, graces and gifts.

IG: @Refinedoneangie