Monyhony Relationship Enabler

Concierge Enabling Service (Ladies between 21 – 50yrs)

This is for single career ladies who are of marriageable age, older singles, divorcees and/or young widows who desire to find happiness the traditional way that would lead to marriage without compromising their self-worth. This service comes in 2 phases of Registration/Profiling and Background Check/FEA Youniqueness.

At Monyhony Relationship Enablers this is all we are particular about and we go all out to make sure that every lady that registers for this enabling service and completes the FEA goal process, is prepared for Monyhony Relationship Enablers’ traditional way of pairing.

This service is not a quick-fix, we don’t indulge in “date-and-let’s-see” dating system and we are not magicians. You get paired, based on what you give to the Monyhony Relationship Enablers to work with. Every enabling session is determined by your willingness to commit to the FEA goal process, as this will give Monyhony Relationship Enablers higher success rate in concierging you to the man of your desire.


- Between 1 – 8 weeks

A client registration and profile account remains opened on our Monyhony Relationship Enablers portal for a maximum period of 8 weeks. This is to allow the client time to complete the Registration and Profile phase and prepare for the Background Check and FEA phase. These phases have their separate fees. If after the maximum 8 weeks period and the client has not yet completed the profile phase, the account will be closed and the client will have to create a new account and begin the process afresh.

Profile Phase
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social wellness-
Prospect Preference Analysis
Client Confirmation and Approval
Client Background Check Phase:
Client Investigation and Vetting
-2 Weeks
Guarantor’s Vetting and Approval
- 2 Weeks
Confirmation and Approval - 2 Session
FEA Youniqueness Phase:
Finding You - 2 Session
Enhancing You - 2 Sessions
Activating You - 2 Session
Confirmation of your FEA Youniqueness - 1 Session
Confirmation and Approval of your Preference - 1 Session
Pairing Phase:
MHE Temporary Database - between 1 – 12 week
MHE Coterie Database - between 1 – 12 week

Concierge Paire Enabling Fee (Thursday)

Phases Fee
Registration/Profiling N35,000
Background Check / FEA Youniqueness N85,000