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Definition of an Enabler

The dictionary definition of an enabler is a person, group or organization that provides someone with adequate power, means, opportunity or authority to do something.
Monyhony Relationship Enablers are a group of persons that provide clients with support, encouragement and self-empowerment to uncover the potential of a client’s ability to unmask and resolve any relationship issue by himself or herself.

Who are Monyhony Relationship Enablers?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers are not only licensed, trained and experienced relationship coaches and traditional matchmakers, they are also marriage and relationship counsellors, psychologists and therapists; they are also professionals in other fields who are trained and certified Monyhony Relationship Enablers with a heart of compassion, empathy and patience in enabling individuals who are sitting where they had sat so the client achieves success in various aspects of their love lives.

What is a Relationship Enabling Session?

An enabling session is a session where a relationship Enabler helps you decipher your relationship issue, using your own understanding to enable you correct/fix it without altering your ideals. Each session lasts a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and depending on the client, extra session can be booked.

Why online relationship enabling sessions?

The need to go online helps Monyhony Relationship Enablers’ clients get access to any of the relationship enabling services anywhere in the world on the go, at the comfort of their homes/offices, at their convenient time, in real time. Also research has shown that online sessions are as good as our traditional “face to face” sessions.

How do I know if online relationship enabling is for me?

Everyone seeks an opportunity to speak with an expert when dealing with their relationship issues without being judged especially when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart.

Our online relationship enabling platform is a place where you can interact with a Monyhony trained professional Enabler conveniently, discretely and in a subtle manner whose job is to enable you in detecting pattern(s) that create distress and/or irritation in your relationship, when relating with a new or existing partner; thereby enabling you figure out best approach to managing or eradicating the pattern(s) while functioning in your day to day life.

Why do I have to pay for the relationship enabling sessions?

Our relationship enabling sessions are guaranteed in providing professional non-judgmental, “best friend” guidance and support for every client, be it in the “Listening” session, the “Wingman” session or the “Traditional Pairing” session; it’s only adequate to equate these services with client’s time and money.

Why do I need internet for the online relationship enabling sessions?

All relationship enabling sessions are done on the Monyhony Relationship Enablers’ live chat platform through the website. Assignments are also submitted online. When the client has access to the internet it allows the service to be received in real time.

What happens if my internet connection fluctuates or cuts off during an enabling session?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers will only continue the enabling session offline if your internet connection is frequently unstable during your enabling sessions. The client will either be scheduled for another time at no extra charge or provide alternative off-line contact information in case of a technical breakdown so the session can be completed if the issue at hand is urgent. This exception can only be applied once for Listening, Paired or Wingman clients who book for a minimum of a week session. If during your enabling session, the connection to your assigned Enabler is unstable, another Enabler will be automatically assigned to you when we notice this glitch.

How discreet is your online relationship enabling sessions?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers have a structure put in place to safeguard both client and Enabler’s identity during any enabling session. This is achieved by keeping all enabling sessions only on the Monyhony Relationship Enablers website “live chat” platform.

Can I be anonymous?

You can remain anonymous to your Enabler but for system identification, we require some information which is kept safe in our system for update purposes of new services, upcoming events and for any emergencies that might arise from a session and would only be released when your Enabler believes you or someone else might be in danger.

Can I cancel a relationship enabling session even after I have paid?

Any booked enabling session cannot be cancelled but can only be rescheduled at an extra cost. The client will have to notify Monyhony Relationship Enablers via with a sub-heading of the intention to reschedule his or her session for a new time and date 24 hours before the already scheduled session.

What is a Monyhony Relationship Enablers sit-in assignments?

A Monyhony Relationship Enablers’ sit-in assignment is an online practical assignments given to clients by assigned Enablers to buttress the clients enabling session and this assignments are submitted via the Monyhony Enablers “live chat” platform during the session. These assignments are targeted at achieving the clients’ specific relationship goals.

Can I register for the sit-in assignments without engaging Monyhony Enablers enabling services?

All Monyhony Relationship Enablers’ sit-in assignments are available only to registered clients as it is part of the relationship enabling session.

What if I refuse to do any of the enabling assignment(s)?

Failing to complete and submit the enabling assignments as and when due will be considered a lack of interest in the enabling process and will be to the detriment of the client as Monyhony Relationship Enablers will not be held liable if clients’ desired aspiration is not achieved within the scheduled enabling period.

The essence of the enabling assignment(s) is to help the client accomplish his/her enabling goals and how to achieve the desired results within the scheduled timeframe.

Why is the relationship enabling sessions on specific days and times?

Our Relationship Enablers are booked to handle meet-ups and online “live chat” enabling sessions and these specific days and times have been reserved for the Enablers to give their undivided attention to all our clients. An exception can be arranged when there is a grave urgency.

Do Monyhony Relationship Enablers do group “meet” sessions?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers do group “meet” sessions. A schedule of available time, date and fees will be sent to the client via email when the client indicates his/her interest for this service. For further details, contact

Do Monyhony Relationship Enablers do one-on-one “meet” sessions?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers do direct “meet” sessions for high end clients and a schedule of available time, date and fees will be sent to the client via email when the client indicates his/her interest for this service. For further details, contact

Can Monyhony Relationship Enablers travel to other states of Nigeria?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers can travel to other states, when a client not based in the primary location of a Monyhony Relationship Enabler requests the “meet” session(s). For further details, contact for available booking dates.

Can Monyhony Relationship Enablers travel to other countries?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers can travel to other countries, when a client not based in the primary location of a Monyhony Relationship Enabler requests the “meet” session(s). For further details, contact for available booking dates.

Listening Relationship Enabling Service:

What is a Listening Enabling Session?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers listening enabling service is for clients who need enabling in resolving their various relationship issues confidentially and discreetly from the comfort of their home, without the religious toga or prejudice attached to getting the desired result yet upholding the client’s ideals.

Who can book for Monyhony Enablers listening enabling service?

Anyone who is 18 years and above and needs an anonymous relationship enabling service in a calm and soothing atmosphere all from the comfort of your home and at a convenient time of choice.

How long does it take to connect me with a Listening Enabler?

An available Enabler will be assigned to you immediately after your payment is confirmed and booking is made. In most cases depending on the gravity of your issue, it can take between 30 minutes to an hour, this is to ensure you get the right relationship Enabler to provide you with adequate assistance peculiar to your situation.

Why can’t I choose my own listening Enabler?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers have the sole prerogative to assign the appropriate Enabler whose major area of focus can handle the client’s particular situation.

What if I am uncomfortable with my listening Enabler?

If for any reason a client is uncomfortable with his/her assigned Enabler, the client will be assigned a new Enabler (if complaint is genuine and the client is on the weekly/monthly schedule). Monyhony Relationship Enablers must get a report of this complaint after the client’s first session via email to within 24 hours of this observation.

How long do I need to use the Monyhony Enablers listening enabling service?

This depends on the client and the state of the client’s relationship challenges. Some clients believe they need a day to get themselves to handling their relationship issues, others a few weeks, till they see positive improvement in their relationship and others prefer to stick to the monthly service, to make sure they always get someone to talk to at any time.

Are the Monyhony enabling listeners verified?

Our team ensures that every listener on the Monyhony Enablers platform is certified to handle this assignment professionally. They undergo complete case study training and are evaluated before being accepted as a certified Monyhony Listening Enabler.

In addition to checking credentials and references, each listener is empathetic and emotionally stable devoid of the encumbrances of any personal struggles they have conquered in their lives and relationships; to be able to enable each client sit, based on where the listening Enabler have sat.

Wingman Relationship Enabling Service:

What is Wingman enabling services?

This is a practical enabling service to help in the decision making of a client in need of “matters of the heart” assistance with his/her desired prospect(s), but have no idea on how to go about it.

Who can register for Wingman relationship enabling service?

This service is opened to anyone who is 21 years and above and desires to be in a fruitful and meaningful relationship with the intention of marriage and for couples who desire to reignite their relationship and/or marriage.

Can I move from Wingman enabling service to Paire enabling service?

Yes, an individual can move from Wingman to Paire enabling service. Most individuals tend to upgrade their relationship intentions when they get stuck or compare personalities and preferences and discover that their prospective preference does not suit their personality. It is an individual’s choice to decide on what best suits their pursuit for a fruitful relationship.

Paire Relationship Enabling Service:

What is Paire enabling service?

The Paire enabling service is an upgrade of the traditional Nigerian style of matchmaking strictly for individuals who are ready for marriage and are willing to put in the works to achieve this aim through our “mamas” traditional way of matchmaking.

Who is Paire enabling service for?

To register for the Paire enabling service, individuals must understand and acknowledge that this service is strictly for traditional pairing purpose for marriage and not for “getting to know you” dating type service.

This service is accessed through referral, to Nigerians both home and in diaspora who understand the Nigerian traditional pairing terrain. Other nationals who have a desire to marry a Nigerian and have an ideal preference in mind for marriage can also apply for the online Paire enabling service.

Why do I have to be referred to register for the Paire enabling service?

This clause was imbedded to safeguard our clients and also the Monyhony brand. Every client must have a Monyhony Relationship Enablers referral code to complete their profile registration. Without the Monyhony Relationship Enablers referral code your registration cannot be submitted.

How do I get the Monyhony Relationship Enablers referral code?

You can get the Monyhony Relationship Enablers referral code through our Enablers, Consulting Enablers and Affiliates or through their Families and Friends.

Why do I have to pay for profile registration?

The profile registration fee is a one-time payment which is to guarantee your account is opened and reserved for a period of 8 weeks. This gives you adequate time to complete your questionnaires thoughtfully and thoroughly which on average can take approximately 2 weeks to complete, but with most busy individuals, you have 8 weeks to take a break any time by logging out and back in, returning to where you left off. This also guarantees you receiving new preferences updates, discounted up-coming events and access to be on the temporary database and/or the Coterie database.

How does Monyhony Enablers Paire enabling service work?

The Monyhony Enablers Paire enabling service works best when clients agree to undergo meticulous checks on their person and preference(s) to agree with a Relationship Enabler on the best enabling approach needed for a suitable pairing without jeopardizing the client or preference(s) personal ethics.

These services are: Concierge Enabling Service (for ladies between 21 – 50 years), Orchestra Enabling Service (for gentlemen between 25 – 50 years) and Amity Enabling Service (for widows and widowers and older folks 50 years and above).

What does the profile registration entail?

This profile registration process entails the client showing the willingness to undergo and answer truthfully the wellness questionnaire for emotional, psychological, mental, physical, sexual, financial, social, health, family and personal history, to determine authenticity and genuineness to commit to the program.

Why do I have to undergo a background check?

We advise every prospective client to respect Monyhony Enablers decision of personal background checks and investigation of a fixed period of 4 weeks; the success of the result however, is determined by the personal answers the client provides during the profile registration.

What if I don’t pass the Monyhony Enablers background check phase?

This has always been a tricky situation since Monyhony Enablers started the enabling services. When a client does not pass the background check phase, he/she can be placed in any of the other Monyhony Enablers enabling services and a strategy will be designed specifically for the client. This has to be achieved before proceeding to the Monyhony Relationship Enablers FEA Youniqueness process.

How do you determine the mental and sexual health of a client for pairing?

This is one of the issues most clients avoid to disclose, but for the safety of the client and for successful pairing, it is vital to kindly disclose truthfully any delicate information to Monyhony (Lead Enabler) via her email at with subtitle “Health/Sexual Disclosure”, prior to being considered for the Paire service. A discreet and suitable approach is designed by our affiliate bodies responsible for these types of issues to help the clients achieve successful pairing.

Why does Monyhony Relationship Enablers pair instead of matching individuals?

Pairing and matching are but the same, Monyhony Relationship Enablers however, prefers pairing; as it is a process uniquely designed by Monyhony for only the purpose of marriage.

How long do I have to do the Monyhony Enablers Paire enabling sessions before I am paired?

For the Concierge and Orchestra enabling services, a minimum of 15 weeks (depending on the individual’s ability to complete each phase timely) and maximum of 22 weeks is recommended to achieve a suitable preference before being paired. For the Amity enabling service, a minimum of 8 weeks is recommended before being paired.

How do you guarantee who I am paired to is who they say they are?

Only registered clients who pass all the Monyhony Enablers FEA phase are confirmed legit by their assigned Enablers for pairing.

How do you determine who gets paired?

After completing the FEA process, Monyhony Relationship Enablers runs a comparison profile with the client to attain suitable preference(s) and the client has the choice to select the preference closest and most suitable for pairing.

How do I know who I am being paired with?

This is where Monyhony Relationship Enablers holds the key to achieving successful pairing. Curious? Then register and find out…

Why is Monyhony Enablers Paire enabling database temporary?

Monyhony Relationship Enablers database is only opened for registered FEA unpaired clients and once pairing is achieved, clients’ records are closed and deleted.

How long can I be on Monyhony Enablers pairing database?

When a client’s prospective preference is not in our temporary database as of the time of his/her registration and completion of the FEA goal, his/her précis is left opened for a period of 12 weeks for Concierge and Orchestra and 8 weeks for Amity; when the set weeks elapses without achieving pairing, Monyhony Enablers takes the initiative with the client’s approval and fixes his/her précis on Monyhony Enablers Coterie database. Although we have never experienced a client staying on the Monyhony Enablers database longer than the set weeks.

What are the other benefits of being on the Monyhony Enablers database?

All registered Paire clients will have access to Monyhony Enablers preference updates, a monthly Skype call with Monyhony, discounted ticket to Monyhony Enablers “end of year” party and weekly enabling sessions with your assigned Enabler.

Do I have to pay to be kept on Monyhony Enablers pairing database?

There is no payment to be made to be kept on the Monyhony Enablers pairing database. Once your payments have been paid, you have access to be on the Monyhony Enablers pairing database.

Can I be paired online even when I don’t reside in Nigeria?

Yes, you can.

Can other Nationals be paired to Nigerians?

absolutely! Monyhony has paired 31 foreign Nationals to Nigerians since 1997.

What incentives do I get as an individual, who refers clients to Monyhony Enablers enabling services?

There are incentives for referring clients to Monyhony Enablers. The benefits for referrals cannot be disclosed publicly but a potential referrer must be affiliated with either Monyhony, Monyhony Enablers and/or Monyhony Consulting Enablers. Potential referral must be registered on the Monyhony Enablers referral database. For further information, kindly contact with sub-heading “Referral”.