Monyhony Relationship Enabler

Listening Enabling Sessions

Talking to someone about your fears and aspiration while coping with relationship challenges and/or issues without being judged takes a huge burden off any one’s shoulders. Knowing that your challenges/issues are safe and in good hands, frees you from stress and anxiety; thereby activating you with fresh energy to take each day with new insights and vigor.

These “moments” of stress and disruptions are what we dread and have no clue how to manage the situation when they arise and have no one to lean on.

These issues can range from:

  • Been alone and single for too long and don’t know why,
  • Coping with pressure from parents and/or society on getting married,
  • A new job affecting your relationship,
  • Competing for a promotion while competing for your partner’s attention,
  • Coping with a loved one who is ill,
  • Loss of a spouse or a loved one and scared of the future,
  • Sex and intimacy issues affecting your relationship,
  • Health issues affecting your relationship,
  • Dealing with house chores without partner’s support,
  • Having one voice in raising the children,
  • Understanding the new dating terrain,
  • Effect of becoming a new mom over 35 years and body changes,
  • Combining career and the home and partner,
  • Relationship being affected while struggling with getting pregnant,
  • Coping with first pregnancy for new parents-to-be,
  • Managing in-laws,
  • Financial constraints and the effect in the relationship,
  • And many more.

Challenges/disruptions and issues of any of the above can take a toll on any beautiful relationship if not properly managed.

Monyhony Enablers give bespoke listening services peculiar to your situation at the comfort of your home. All listening sessions are done discreetly and are kept highly confidential except stated otherwise.

Our Listening Sessions have NO:

  • Religious toga or prejudice attached to any of the sessions.
  • Commuting to and from your office/home for sessions.

What it's about

You are entitled to 30 minutes of “Me” time to pour out your heart and speak about anything without being judged or getting a pointed finger in the comfort of your home or space with complete confidentiality and no session is recorded.

Our listening enabling sessions are not counseling, coaching or psychological in any form. There are no updates or evaluation or diagnosis of your issues. Your listening Enabler is only here to enable you get solutions through the enabling process.

Your listening Enabler is assigned to be your “Best Friend” for the period of your enabling session and you are guaranteed clarity and relief.


all prices are subject to change without notice

Time Frame
(30 minutes)
Per Day
Venting Per session Free
Therapeutic Per session N1,500

Our Listening Services.

Venting Listening Service:

This service handles clients that only need a listening ear to cry, rant, scream, or pour their hearts out with little or no enabling assistance as they combat issues in their love lives.

Therapeutic Listening Service:

This service handles clients that not only want to cry/rant/scream/pour their hearts out, etc. but need both a listening ear and practical enabling assignments that will bring about succor during the trying times of either handling and/or dealing with situations/challenges/disruptions relating to their new or existing relationships