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Melenia Nwanze

Melenia Nwanze has a background in Marriage and Family Counseling and is an Advocate for Youth’s Social and Career Development. She is the founder of Developing Character and Skills Youth Centre (DCS), an Organization that empowers young adolescents to lead fulfilling lives and become successful adults. Her passion is to encourage the youth to discover their destiny through education and research, strong community service, and giving back to society through volunteering and fund raisers.

For several years, she has also counseled, encouraged and supported single mothers, having being one herself.

As a single Mom, she raised a successful young adult – who is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and through her experiences she can easily relate to the challenges of raising children solely. The key to her success is to create a “Village” support system.

Melenia Nwanze attended Wright State University in Dayton Ohio, where she earned her B.A in Social and Industrial Communication (dual major) and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, where she focused on social health and community-based solutions for youths and single parent families.

Her professional career is accomplished with managerial positions in human resources and international appointments with corporations such as Grace Ladder Employment Agency, Macys Inc, Gendys International, and Nigeriamems.  

Ms. Nwanze is committed to mentoring and addressing the needs of those who need help the most in every area of life. She personifies the mission of any CARE Ministry she engages with.  Being an international figure, Melenia lives in Ohio, USA and Abuja, Nigeria where she offers human resources, counseling and career development services to NGOs’ and non-profit organizations.