Monyhony Relationship Enabler
Pauline Omoera

Pauline is a certified life coach. Her journey began as a school teacher to children and students from kindergarten to nursery, from primary to secondary schools.

After leaving the formal classroom teaching, she became a Guidance Counsellor, working with children in schools who have challenges in making the right choices in line with their studies and careers.

She has worked with different schools and private education consulting firms; with different works and programs.

Presently, she is focused on marital counseling; helping marriages and people going into marriage to understand and appreciate the vocation they are venturing into in order to live happily and raise healthy children (mentally, emotionally and psychologically).

Pauline has her first, second and third degrees in Sociology (Sociology of Education and Guidance Counseling) from the University of Lagos.

She is also has certificates in “Marriage Theology”, “Lived Experience”, “Practitioners On The Universal Prevention Curriculum on Substance Abuse” and currently works with the “Redefined Womanhood Initiative” as one of the Marriage Counselors.

She is blessed with three amazing boys and a loving husband.