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Terms & Conditions for Online Enabling Services

Monyhony Enablers does not serve minors or underage individuals. Government issued identity will be requested as part of age verification.  Potential clients of the enabling service must complete a mandatory psychology evaluation or a recommendation of therapeutic services as alternative. Outcome of which will determine eligibility to qualify for enabling services.

Verification for Monyhony Enablers Online Services
This verification process is to determine the emotional wellness of the client requesting the Monyhony Enablers online services. Monyhony Enablers online services are not meant to replace direct, face-to-face psychotherapy services. Monyhony Enablers online services are not recommended to clients who need formal counselling relating to major crisis like sexual dysfunction, severe mental health issues, suicidal, homicidal, rape, domestic violence or violent behavior (past and present). Monyhony Enablers online services are recommended to clients who desire professional assistance and guide to solving their relationship issues at the privacy of their own convenience from home or office.  Although Monyhony Enablers online services may be helpful, we encourage and support that a client who desires long-term treatment of major crisis or diagnosis of major mental or sexual health issues should seek direct, face-to-face psychotherapy services and if the client does not know how to reach one, Monyhony Enablers will be happy to refer the client to a certified source. 
These issues range from: 
  • Diagnosed with sexual dysfunction or major sexual related issues.
  • Been diagnosed with major psychiatric episodes with hospitalizations.
  • Drug/alcohol dependence. 
  • Been diagnosed with personality disorder, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and/or schizophrenia, etc.
  • Have a history of suicidal, homicidal or violent behavior (past and/or present).
  • Been in a domestic abuse, rape or violent relationship etc.

Full Client Sexual and Mental Health Disclosure & Right to Refuse Online Enabling Services
If you have any history of any of the above episodes - Kindly disclose this information to Monyhony (Lead Enabler) via email to with subtitle “Health Disclosure”, prior to being considered for Monyhony Enablers online services. Failure to disclose such information or knowingly but cunningly misleading Monyhony Enablers or withholding the above said information excludes Monyhony and Monyhony Enablers from any legal obligation or liability related to said client’s diagnosis, prognosis, outcome and actions. And Monyhony and Monyhony Enablers reserves the right to refuse and/or end the online enabling services and appropriate referral sources/services will be provided. This is without prejudice to the right of Monyhony to take legal action as it may deem fit in the circumstance.

About Online Services
An online service is providing a service that is not “face-to-face” and is simplified through the use of technology. Such technology may include, but is not limited to telephone, email, internet message, call or video session. Disadvantages of online services may include different time zones, cultural differences, language barriers and strength of internet connection which may affect the delivery of the online service. Monyhony Enablers will only continue the enabling session offline, if your internet connection becomes unstable during the session. It is mandatory for clients to provide alternative off-line contact information in case of a technical breakdown.

Scope of Practice
This term indicates the specific area to which Monyhony Enablers can practice online enabling services. Monyhony Enablers follows local laws and codes of ethics related to online enabling services and do not associate enabling services to counselling or coaching or therapeutic or psychotherapeutic sessions.

Any dating and/or relationship advice, tips, strategy, recommendation, etc. that you may receive from Monyhony Enablers and/or Monyhony herself and her team via email or via online messages/calls/videos or in person, are not guaranteed as psychotherapeutic services. They are strictly Monyhony and her team’s opinions and beliefs based on their knowledge and experience with dating and relationships, both personally and professionally. Although Monyhony and majority of her team are certified in various fields of matchmaking, listening, relationship/marriage counselling/psychology/therapists and/or coaching. Monyhony herself is not a licensed counselor, therapist or psychologist.

Paire Enabling Practices
When an individual chooses to engage in any of the online Concierge, Orchestra and Paire enabling services with Monyhony Enablers, the individual must understand and acknowledge that he/she will not be receiving licensed counselling services but traditional enabling services only for the purpose of courtship and/or marriage. Monyhony Enablers online pair enabling services are open to Nigerians both home and in diaspora who understands the Nigerian traditional pairing terrain. Other nationals who have a desire to marry a Nigerian and have prospects in mind for courtship and/or marriage can also apply for the online pair enabling services. The essence of you contracting Monyhony Enablers for any of the pair enabling services are for courtship and/or marriage and not for date and see purposes.

Listening and Wingman Practice
If an individual chooses to engage the online listening and/or wingman enabling services with Monyhony Enablers, the individual must understand and acknowledge that he/she will not be receiving licensed counselling or psychotherapeutic services but anonymously no-holds-barred enabling services for relationship issues. Online enabling service is only effective when booked enabling sessions are kept consistently. The time scheduled for your session is reserved for you and you alone and a minute late for your session reduces your session time with your Enabler. Where the client does not keep booked session or forgot to reschedule a booked session within the stipulated time, the client will lose that time slot and have to restart the process all over again and make fresh payment for another session to be booked. This is so the Enabler can be adequately compensated for his or her time.

Nature of Being Enabled
Monyhony Enablers acknowledges that there may be both benefits and risks while participating in the online enabling services. This may improve your ability to relate with others, provide a clearer understanding of yourself, your values, your goals and expectations. The downside of online enabling services may involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may also experience uncomfortable feelings that may make you retract and even discontinue. The awesomeness of online enabling services is the end result of self-solving solutions with stable emotions that leads to happy relationships. However, kindly note that there are no guarantees of what you will experience during the online enabling services and that you have entered this agreement and contracted Monyhony Enablers online services at your own discretion. You agree that you understand the possible advantages and disadvantages of online enabling services and shall not hold Monyhony Enablers legally liable for any information or insight distributed here.

This Agreement shall be interpreted only in accordance with the Nigerian law and any legal proceedings associated with this agreement will occur exclusively in the courts located in Lagos State of Nigeria.

Privacy Policy
Monyhony Enablers are committed to protecting your privacy online. This privacy policy describes the personal information we collect through this website at, (referred to as the “site”) and how we collect and use that information. The terms “Herself”, “I”, “we,” “us,” and “our” refers to Monyhony lead enabler and Monyhony Enablers. The terms “individual,” “you,” and “your” refer to site visitors, clients and any other users of the site. The term “personal information” is defined as information that you voluntarily provide to us that personally identifies you and/or your contact information, such as your name, phone number, email address, village, LGA, and social media handles, etc. Monyhony Enablers, the “service”, provides various online pair enabling services, dating and relationship listening and wingman support services. Use of Monyhony Enablers including all materials presented herein and all online services provided by Monyhony Enablers is subject to the following privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to all site visitors, clients and all other users of the site. By using the site or services, you agree to this Privacy Policy, without modification, and acknowledge reading it. In accordance to Nigerian law, Monyhony Enablers protects the privacy of all communications between the client and Enabler. Confidentiality is taken seriously with Monyhony Enablers and discussing or releasing the client’s information to any individual outside Monyhony lead Enabler, Monyhony Enablers and Monyhony consulting Enablers which assists in the enabling sessions is prohibited, except if such release is requested by a signed authorization form by Monyhony Enablers on behalf of clients.

Information We Collect
Monyhony Enablers only collects the personal information you voluntarily provide to us, which may include but is not limited to: name, phone number, email address, social media handle, etc. The information you provide is for Monyhony Enablers’ use only. This is needed in order to enable us meet your relationship needs and undergo background checks and may also be used to send periodic emails. No personal information will be disclosed, sold, exchanged, or distributed other than for the express purpose of providing the service requested. Monyhony Enablers may, from time to time, contact you on behalf of external business partners about a particular offering that may be of interest to you. In those cases, your unique personally identifiable information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number, etc.) is not transferred to the third party.

Video Enabling Session
You may not in any way use the video enabling session for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions. During the video session, the client is not permitted to keep a record of the session in any format either audio or video. Monyhony will seek redress as it deems fit should this clause be violated in any way or manner whatsoever. While the session is ongoing, the client is not permitted to threaten, defame, be obscene, be indecent, be seditious, be offensive, be abusive, incite hatred, be discriminatory, be menacing, be scandalous, be blasphemous, be in breach of confidence, be in breach of privacy or in any way annoy or inconvenience the Enabler. The Enabler is instructed to end the session when any of these is uncomfortable.

Limits of Confidentiality
There are some situations in which Enablers are legally and ethically obligated to take actions they believe may be necessary to protect a client from harm. If such a situation arises, Monyhony Enablers will make every effort to fully explain the issue to the client and make the client understand the risk before taking any action and will limit disclosure to only what is necessary to authorities. If an Enabler has reason to believe that a child or a vulnerable adult is being abused or harmed, the law requires that the situation be reported to the appropriate state agency. If a client presents a clear and substantial danger of harm to himself/herself or others, Monyhony Enablers is ethically obligated to take protective action. This action may include contacting family members, notifying the police and registered agencies or bodies that handle such situations.

Third Party Links
The site may contain links to third party websites. Except as otherwise discussed in this privacy policy, this policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you on our site. Other sites accessible through our site via links or otherwise have their own policies in regard to privacy. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third parties.

Permit of Release of Sessions
Monyhony Enablers will seek to obtain full disclosure permission from client to reenact the client’s story in a short Monyhony Enablers docu-series to help in enabling sessions. All personal names and actual situations will be modified to protect the reputation and personality of the client.

Personal Records
After signing up, you can alter your real name for a nickname which will identify you in our system. An accountability partner’s contact is needed and is kept safe and only used when the Enabler believes that you or someone else might be in danger. Monyhony Enablers is required to keep records of only personal information for background checks, follow-ups and update services that Monyhony Enablers provides and you have the right to ask that your details be removed from our system whenever you deem it necessary.

Monyhony Enablers respect your privacy and give you an opportunity to opt-out of receiving announcements of certain information. Users may opt-out of receiving any or all communications from Monyhony Enablers by contacting us here: Although enabling sessions often includes discussions of sensitive and private information, Monyhony Enablers only keeps summarized records from subsequent sessions till completion and then a copy is sent via email to the client for confirmation and afterwards the records are discarded to keep the client privacy intact.

Monyhony Enablers maintain security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure. However, no exchange of data over the internet can be guaranteed as 100% secure. While we make every effort to protect your personal information shared with us through our site, you acknowledge that the personal information you voluntarily share with us through this site could be accessed or tampered with by a third party. You agree that we are not responsible for any intercepted information shared through our site without our knowledge or permission. Additionally, you release us from any and all claims arising out of or related to the use of such intercepted information in any unauthorized manner.

Monyhony Urgent Contact Policy
Monyhony policy for urgency is achieved through Monyhony Enablers website personal email box and Monyhony will only accept to receive phone calls after acknowledging the urgency. Monyhony does not answer calls during online enabling sessions, except in very grave cases. Due to most urgent cases that need immediate interference, Monyhony herself came up with this policy and only Monyhony handles these urgent cases and refers them to appropriate bodies and agencies for further investigation and solution. If it is an emergency and I, Monyhony cannot be immediately reached within 10 minutes, one of my trusted Consulting Enablers will take up the case immediately and do the needful.

Social Media Policy
Monyhony and her Enablers do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on our personal social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.) but only accept clients on Monyhony Enablers social networking sites (Authorized phone number, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). At Monyhony Enablers we believe that adding you as a friend or contact on these personal sites compromises the clients’ confidentiality and Monyhony Enablers respective privacy. It may also distort the boundaries between Enablers and clients. 

Best Friend Policy
Every client is treated as a “best friend” during the enabling session. This is created to give the client the atmosphere of relaxation with the Enabler to achieve desired result. After the completion of the enabling session and duly completed and submitted Monyhony Enablers’ feedback form, the “best friend” relationship is terminated with immediate effect.

Pre-Payment & Rescheduling Policy
Monyhony Enablers online enabling services requires pre-payment before commencing any session. If the client fails to pre-pay for his/her online enabling session within 24 hours after the client books his/her appointment, the booking will be cancelled unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time and it is acknowledged by Monyhony Enablers information desk.  Your online enabling session is only effective when appointments are kept consistently. The time scheduled for your appointment is reserved for you and you alone and a minute late for your session reduces your session time with your Enabler. A session cannot be cancelled but can be rescheduled and this can only be possible with availability of the Enabler’s time for your scheduled session which requires at least 24hours notice to give a new session date and time.  If you miss a session without rescheduling or rescheduling less than 24 business hours’ notice, you will be charged your full session fee in your new booking session. 

Privacy Policy Acknowledgment
I acknowledge and agree that it is my responsibility to review this site and this policy periodically and to be aware of any modifications. I am therefore in agreement with all the policies and other terms and conditions herein.