Monyhony Relationship Enabler
Louis B. Udoh

Born 49 years ago is a Copyright Administrator of over 29 years experience. A skilled communicator. He was trained in Copyright Administration in Zurich, Switzerland. A trained Paralegal, holding the National Innovative Certificate (NIC) in Law Office Management & Professional Responsibility. He is well trained and has interacted with different people, young and old at all levels in the Entertainment Industry and beyond. Married to a beautiful wife for over 25 years with 4 children (The Fantastic 4); he is a good listener with vast understanding. He is widely travelled, which is one of his hobbies and loves meeting people from diverse culture, religion and ethnic background. With a certificate from the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) having satisfactorily completed the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Management he has continued to and is best known for helping families and musicians resolve very difficult issues in the industry and the society at large putting his vast skill in negotiation at play. He is also a motivational speaker extraordinaire.

He still sees himself as a Learner because like he says, “Humans are dynamic in nature and also unpredictable, they can change at anytime depending on situations. In all, we MUST try to Love the imperfect person perfectly for none is perfect.[LOVE IS ABOVE ALL THINGS].