Monyhony Relationship Enabler

Wingman Enabling Service

This is a personalized and customized enabling service between a client and his/her assigned Enabler to handle the client’s personal relationship issues and/challenges discreetly and confidentially without the knowledge of your intended prospect/preference(s).

This can be:

  • A lady needing enabling tips on which is better of the men wooing her and don’t want to conform due to pressure and accept the one that does not suit her preference.
  • A man with series of ladies to choose from but is skeptical and needs to ascertain who is being honest and who is pretending etc.
  • You desire to move from friend zone to lover’s lane and need guiding tips and support.
  • Entangled in a love web and need assistance to untangle yourself.
  • How to get your crush to notice you but have no strategy to approach.
  • Individuals of marriageable age with no inkling of what is required to attract the lady/gentleman of his/her desire.
  • An individual who wants to get back in the dating game with the intention of settling down and needs enabling tips on where and how to begin.
  • Individual or couple in dire need of reigniting the sparks in their relationship.
    Many more…

This service can only yield successful results with the determination of the client and his/her willingness to commit to the enabling process. A Relationship Enabler can only enable the client from the information provided by the client.

NB: This enabling service comes with profiling and background check of the client before the enabling session commences. Monyhony Relationship Enablers can also undergo an in-depth investigation and screening of the prospective preference where need be. This process is to achieve realistic result but can only be possible when the client is completely honest and truthful about the information they provide. When we notice any falsehood, inaccurate information, uncompleted assignments or any other kind of breach, Monyhony Relationship Enablers will pull the plug on the service with immediate effect and no refund will be made.

Wingman Enabling Service

Phases Fee
Registration/Profiling N10,000

Enabling Session Fee (Wednesdays)

Per Session 6 Sessions 12 Sessions
30 minutes N2,500 N14,500 N27,500